Social Program – Tours
(for a minimum of 40 persons per bus)

Monsaraz – Half Day Tour

€ 28,00 per person

Departure from the Congress Venue, by bus for a visit to Monsaraz Village, one of the oldest, and for sure, one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal. His Castle, his narrow streets, his churches, his culture and history makes Monsaraz a unique village must-visit.

Its Occupation dates from prehistoric times, counting on the outskirts of some hundred and fifty megalithic monuments.

The hill where the village was built was probably a pre-historic village fortified. Monsaraz offers a fantastic tour to all visitors.

Vila Viçosa – Half day tour

€ 28,00 per person

Departure from the Congress Venue, by bus towards to Vila Viçosa, passing by Redondo, famous for
the pottery artisans.

Vila Viçosa was founded circa 1270 and this small town had noticable reflexes in the historical and
cultural areas of the Portuguese life. It was the main seat of the Dukes of Bragança the most
important and richest noble family in the Kingdom as from 1400, being the last Royal Dinasty of 13
Bragança Kings from 1640 to 1910.

With Gothic, Renaissance and Barroque Churches and Chapels, Vila Viçosa is mostly known for the
Duke's Palace. Originaly built in Manueline times the Palace took its present Renaissance shape in
1532 with wings added in mid 18th Century.

The beautiful Palace's halls, lounges and rooms as well as the precious art collection are one of
the best in Portugal, belonging to the actual Bragança Family Foundation

Lisboa – Full Day Tour

€ 65,00 per person

Departure from the Congress Venue, by bus towards to Lisboa.

Arriving to this remarkable city built nearly 2.500 years ago passing buildings dating from the 18th
Century and along mosaic paved streets.

The first stop will be by the historic Lisbon's borough of Belém.

Visit to the Monastery of the Jerónimos (Hieronymite Monks) built in 1502 and the finest example
of the Gothic-Naturalist (the ambient decoration named "Manueline"). The splendid church with
chapels and the main-altar in Gothic-Renaissance style will be visited.

Lunch will be served at a local restaurant.

The next stop will be high above the city at the Castle of Saint George, an 8th Century fortress
from whose ramparts can be enjoyed a superb view of the old boroughs and the River Tagus.
Next a small walking promenade through the winding streets of the Medieval borough of Alfama,
who offers the picturesque flavor of an old popular residential area. An unique sight of narrow
streets, friendly residents and 16th Century buildings.

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